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Our client is currently looking for a Functional Analyst - Consultant with a strong mathematical background to work in one of its in-house software development teams.

You will be involved in all aspects of the product lifecycle: gathering business process definitions and requirements from the business users, designing functional and technical solution
specifications, creating test scenarios and assisting users in the user acceptance testing (UAT) as well as providing end user support.

Your responsibilities are:
- Actively participate in an agile software development team, incrementally developing working software in sprints (using scrum);
- Understand business processes and requirements related to gas flow management (specifically in the domain of nomination handling, flow planning and flow optimization);
- Collaborate with the team to break down a business requirement into estimated user stories, refine them to tasks and deliver user stories within a sprint;
- Analyze user stories and translate them into the most appropriate conceptual model (or in case of optimization problem into a sound mathematical problem, e.g. as a linear
programming system), while respecting the existing architecture and systems;
- Create business process and functional system documentation using UML-artifacts (use case diagrams, activity diagrams, information models,...) using the standard tools
and methodology;
- Create and execute test scenarios and assist the users during the execution of user acceptance tests;
- Raise impediments to the scrum master in time;
- Provide support to end-users on (critical) production systems.


- Experience working in agile software development teams;
- Experience providing support to end users;
- Good knowledge of mathematical optimization techniques, especially linear programming;
- Good knowledge of UML;
? Background knowledge on the energy sector in general and the gas flow management
domain in particular is an asset
- Fluency in the use of the following tools : UML modeling tools (e.g. Sparx Enterprise Architect); agile software development tools (e.g. MS Visual Studio Team System); documentation-communication tools (e.g. Microsoft Office);
- Knowledge of relational databases and being able to write simple database queries (SQL);
- Ability to fluently communicate in Dutch (spoken) or French (spoken) and English (spoken and written);
- Good analytical and synthesizing skills to clearly define problems and requirements and determine solutions with controllable impact for them on mission-critical applications;
- Skills to interview end users: listening actively to their needs, asking the right questions and interpreting the answers correctly;
- Ability to work and communicate in a team (e.g. work together with developers to explain analysis or to review developed code, escalate impediments to scrum master …);
- Ability to demo / discuss the sprint result with end users during a sprint review session and to guide end users in acceptance testing;
- Team player: being flexible to help the team achieve its goals;
- Goal directed attitude: focus on delivering the planned user stories;
- Pragmatic approach: prefer talking to people and taking action to solve problems;
- Improvement minded: propose new improvement idea's during the sprint retrospectives;
- Ability to adapt in an ever-changing environment;
- Ability to advise stakeholders on different possible solutions;
- Lifelong learner (e.g. new business processes, ways of working together or technical matters).


Our client is active in the energy sector.
This project is only available on a freelance basis.

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