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Your Team: An agile team consists of a small group of people combining the required skills to design, build and test valuable elements within a limited timeframe. As a member of the agile team, you will apply several useful skills (analysis / design / development / testing / integration), which in combination with the skills of the other members of your team compose all required skills to deliver a product at the end of each sprint.

Your Role: you will commit to help your team to deliver a product at the end of each sprint, surpassing your own specific knowledge domain in order to collaborate with your team members. The focus is on the completion of the sprint backlog, containing all elements that your team must deliver and of which the sequence has been determined by the Product Owner based on the added value for the (internal or external) client.

You also adhere to the scrum values (focussed, committed, open, respectful, and courageous) and you are able to closely collaborate with the team members. Knowledge sharing, open communication, continuous learning and commitment to deliver added value are important to you.


- You are fluent in English and have an active knowledge of one of the national languages and a passive knowledge of the other.
- You hold a bachelor or a master and 3/5 years relevant experience. You have deep knowledge and experience of Agile.

- You are versatile and collaborative to support analysts in their test-cases creation
- You have excellent understanding of automation testing and test case creation
- You also have deep knowledge of methods, standards and security procedures as well as testing tools
- You have experience with integration using different technologies (distributed) and infra components

As the perfect Development Engineer you are team spirited, you have a efficient communication skills, you are results orientated for your self and your team. You hold agile values ie: focussed, committed, open, respectful and courageous.

Finally you promote continuous improvement (market evolutions, working methods, …) to increase delivery speed of software and hardware, and to increase operational quality.


Our client is active in the Banking sector.
This is a freelance contract.
As consultant you will carry out various assignments at our clients in a professional work environment where initiative is valued.

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