AXIS is a member of 3 professional federations:

As a Certified Member of Federgon, AXIS subscribes to the deontological code in Belgium and additionally bears the RSS quality label (Recruitment, Search & Selection).

Axis has also been one of the founding partners of the Fr2s (Federation Recruitment & Selection services) and of the FES (Fedil Employment Services) in Luxembourg.

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Commitment to our client

Clients are consistently assured of a professional approach, complete transparency and proper execution of the assignment. Confidentiality and discretion apply to all of the candidates we approach. We additionally make clear agreements regarding the timing and fee.

Eni Group: "For several years now, Axis has become a reference for us in the recruitment industry and, more specifically, in the search for financial and banking profiles. Working with Axis in the recruitment process is a guarantee of professionalism, quality and integrity. For us, Axis is a strong team that helps us build our own!"  

Solene: Very helpful and reliable agency, attentive and accommodating people to find the best suitable job for each.

Commitment to our candidate

Candidates are entitled to objective information within a specified period. The recruiter promises candidates discretion, respect and access to their file. Candidates’ personal information is consistently handled in accordance with the Privacy Act of May 2018.

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Numbers don't lie

We continue our daily commitment to help changing lives.

Definition of quality

Emmanuelle Antoniou, Head of Operations, Axis Group Belgium:

"A broad topic, which we would summarise with this well-known formula: Knowledge – Know-how – Knowledge skills.

Although the formula is simple, putting it into practice is not always easy and all the more so in a market as competitive as ours. This requires a specific state of mind: putting the client and the candidate at the heart of his activity and setting up specific processes to achieve this.

Knowledge: to know the market, its evolution, its candidates, its clients and to target optimal efficiency. To build a commercial relationship with big names in our economic market as a client.

Know-how: to use the very latest techniques and developments in terms of recruitment, to be able to offer ‘customised’ and flexible solutions. To reinvent ourselves constantly.

Knowledge skills: To be a reference in terms of HR solutions and to reflect this credibility. This relates to the very values of our company ETIP² (excellence – teamwork – integrity – pride – passion) and it results in active listening, long-term relationships and constructive, honest and transparent feedback. We do this with the deep conviction that the smallest of our actions have the power to positively impact our candidates and clients: ‘we have the power to change your life’."

Julie Mahaux, Country Manager, Axis Group Luxembourg:

"Our group, which has been present in Benelux for many years, is constantly evolving and listening to its clients and candidates.

Indeed, thanks to our solutions for permanent recruitment, temporary work, consultancy and training, we offer our clients a range of flexible and tailor-made solutions according to the current problems they face. 
Our expertise in a niche sector, our ethics and professionalism allow us to maintain our strong position in the market and to provide a qualitative service.

Today, it is impossible to position ourselves as a quality HR player if we do not apply fundamental principles such as providing detailed feedback to candidates, ensuring that we conduct exhaustive interviews with them, giving them clear information about the job roles offered, guaranteeing the confidentiality of information given by the client, etc. In short, we cannot establish a relationship of trust if we do not adhere to a qualitative methodology that is respectful of all our interlocutors."

Desirée Engelsman, Division Manager, Axis Group The Netherlands:

"We always offer the best quality of work to everybody. Quality in our job literally means offering the best candidates to our clients and vice versa, offering the best suitable job to our candidates. 

However, quality goes much further. Communication quality, advising quality and market knowledge quality. As we say in Amsterdam:
We strive to be the ‘best in class’ when it comes to recruiting for legal and finance positions thanks to our personal, efficient and quality service!"