AXIS Projects can rapidly put together an optimal team of professionals. You can rely on your personal AXIS Projects consultant in Insurance, HR, Legal or Banking & Finance.

Outsourcing of specialists

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Ever required one or more specialists for a fixed period of time or specific project? Then you’ll already know that hiring temporary employees isn’t always easy. Particularly when it comes to extremely specific or premium profiles.

The solution? Our extensive AXIS network of targeted top profiles in specific sectors. Rigorously screened and tested, our temporary consultants and interim managers will bring a new wind of quality to your project every time.

Our sectors:

  • Insurance
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Banking & Finance

Full payroll service

How does it work? Your temporary team members simply remain on the AXIS Projects payroll. These temporary employees get straight to work in your company for the full duration of your project. Thus, you can rely on them for as long as necessary. This solution can range from a single employee to an entire team, depending on your specific requirements.

AXIS Projects: a benchmark in outsourcing

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Specific projects warrant a top team: flexible and proficient. AXIS Projects offers a complete service and boasts years of experience in the outsourcing of interim managers and consultants. You can be ensured of a rapid and satisfactory solution, every single time. In all respect and professionalism.

Our assets:

  • Extensive network of consultants and interim managers
  • Technical and experienced profiles
  • Budgetary transparency upfront
  • Business consultancy, thanks to our considerable experience and expertise
  • Complement your internal expertise/resources and focus on your core business