You can rely on our unique service tailored to young employees and experienced professionals.

Job advice for young potentials

Recently or about to graduate and searching for the ideal employer? For a first job that truly matches your resume and personality? Allow our experienced job experts to guide you. We start by listening to your story and also create your business profile. Based on this, we quickly source the optimal employer, where you’ll be happy for many years to come.

Already got your first work experience behind you or are you still working at your first employer but you are now searching for a fresh challenge? Then you’ll know better what you want, which is a considerable advantage. Your success guarantee: allow your personal AXIS consultant to guide you to your dream job.

Find your ideal job match

The added value of AXIS GROUP

Our added value for employees? We use our extensive experience and expertise to match you to the right company, where you’ll instantly feel at home. Naturally, you’ll first browse our extensive database of interesting job vacancies tailored to your precise requirements.

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No invoicing

Candidates pay absolutely nothing for our services. Companies only pay once the ideal candidate has actually been sourced and signs an employment contract.

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